4 Digital Marketing Tactics for your Dental Practice

For so long dental practices have been marketed the old way; via Yellow Pages, a website and relying on customer referrals for example. Whilst these methods aren’t ineffective yet, you must be wondering why there has been no innovation in this area? 

Good news! There are a number of marketing channels that have been utilised in the technology industry that are slowly moving across into the dental world. Here are 4 of them:

Facebook advertising 

We wouldn’t be a good Facebook advertising agency if we didn’t put this one first. Dental practices are fast becoming aware of the power of social media advertising when it comes to generating new leads to their business.

Have you ever found it spooky that after thinking about something you would be interested in purchasing an advert for it comes up on your news feed?

There is a reason for that. The awesome amount of demographic and consumer information that Facebook has, means that your adverts can be highly targeted so that the right message can be received at the right time.

Adapt this to higher priced items such as Invisalign, teeth whitening and dental implants and this can be an incredibly effective technique.

What’s more is that, unlike traditional marketing techniques, all results for these campaigns can be instantly and accurately measured. You can see exactly how much you are spending for every lead and purchase that is returned.

Google ads

Search advertising can be an effective way to skip the queue when it comes to Google Search and go straight to the top of the rankings. 

When you type in your practice and location, you’re rarely at the top of the rankings. Take a look at how the click % goes down the further you are on Google.

It doesn’t come free though, you have to pay a fee every time your ad gets clicked. It’s worth putting aside a budget and experimenting with different options before scaling your advertising efforts.


Search Engine Optimisation is the way to rank first for online searches instead of having to pay for them.

There are some essentials to complete before achieving some quick wins, and getting your dental practice nice and high on that first page. ‘Robot .txt’, ‘verifying your Google Console’, ‘inserting metadata’ can seem daunting. Just remember that ‘apicoectomy’ ‘prophylaxis’ and ‘Temporomandibularjoint’ are equally as daunting to SEO Managers. Following a simple step-by-step checklist can talk you through what you will need to do. A few hours of work will be well worth the effort.

Getting back-links and writing genuinely useful blog content will be a slower grind. However the graph above should prove that there is a reason why it’s so important to rank highly.

Email marketing

When was the last time you emailed or text a customer to remind them that it’s been a year since their last check up, your latest tooth whitening offer or whether they need teeth straightening services?

So many valuable customer databases go unutilised in the dental industry. 

With new customers cost 5x more than existing ones there is no harm waving at your old customers and reminding them that you’re still around.