7 Quick Wins to Improving Your Dental Marketing

7 Quick Wins to Improving Your Dental Marketing

Everyone knows they are supposed to brush and floss every day, avoid sugary foods, and have a cleaning done at least once a year. Ensuring that people follow through with the last of these is difficult at best.

Maximise the potential of your practice by ensuring you get rescheduling with old patients and a constant supply of new ones by following these 7 ways in improving your dental marketing.


Check-ins on Social Media
Having a social media presence is a must-have for any potential businesses and dentistry is no different. As well as using content such as advertisements, pictures, videos, check-ins are a great source of social proof. A recommendation holds more weight coming from a friend rather than an advert from the company themselves. A nice Instagram or Facebook cut out in your practice can nudge them towards doing that for you. If you’re lucky maybe a celebrity will come in and make it viral for you!

Google Reviews
Back in the day, people would ask a neighbour or family member for a recommendation. Google has changed the game, using reviews to spread customer feedback at a click of a button. Good or bad, make sure you are always on top of them. Not only is it important to know your own practices’ strengths and weaknesses, there’s no harm in being proactive when it comes to reviews. Sending an email to customers after their appointments and asking for positive reviews can do wonders for your score.

Referral Bonuses
Any form of advertising costs some expense up front. So why not extend this to existing clients rather than Google and Facebook? Plus, that advertising cost will be paid after you acquire new customers not before. Referral bonuses incentivise your patient base to refer their friends, families, and neighbors to your practice. These bonuses can be monetary in value or can go toward their next cleaning or checkup.

Appointment Reminders
Customers not turning up for appointments is a costly expense. However it is not completely up to the lap of the gods. Email, text and call reminders (even automated) can be set up to reduce this impact on your business. You can even send a calendar invite so the customer can remind themselves.

Make it Easy to Book an Appointment
Simply put, booking an appointment should be as easy as possible, online or offline. You should simplify all aspects of it: whether it’s a walk-in, a call to the receptionist or using your website. In our fast-paced world, speed is of the essence and getting a patient set-up in just a few minutes is essential.

Google Maps Ads
Another potential way to get the spotlight on your dental practice is to use Google maps. These are one part advertisement and another part direction to your business location. All it takes is for a potential customer to input “dentist” into the Google maps search bar and your practice will come up.